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The EuroMillions lottery was created in 2004 and involves several European Union countries including Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

EuroMillions in Belgium falls under the jurisdiction of The National Lottery of Belgium. The inaugural draw was executed on February 13, 2004, and ever since, it has been a treasured pastime among Belgians, with millions taking part on a weekly basis.

Participating in the game is simple; contenders pick out five numerals from a pool of 1 to 50, along with two additional « lucky stars » numbered from 1 to 12. The grand prize is awarded to the player who accurately foresees the drawn sequence.

Throughout its existence, EuroMillions has been a source of great fortune for many Belgians. The largest win recorded in Belgium for 2023 amounted to €143 million, seized on December 6, 2022.

  • How can one contact EUROMILLIONS support?
  • How does one participate in EUROMILLIONS?
  • What are the methods to confirm EUROMILLIONS winnings?
  • What steps should be taken to lodge a grievance to EUROMILLIONS?

Contacting EUROMILLIONS Customer Care

  • Telephone
  • Electronic Query Form
  • Postal Mail

Should you need to converse with The National Lottery regarding the EuroMillions game, pertaining to either retail or digital lottery, account inquiries, membership, complaints, or other concerns…

Connection with The National Lottery customer services is possible using an online query form or through the telephone line:

0 800 99 761

Accessible on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7 AM to 7 PM.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, availability extends from 7 AM to 7:30 PM.

And on Saturdays, you can call from 9 AM to 7 PM.

To check the EuroMillions results by telephone, the specific line to ring up is 0 900 22 333 (€0.50/min).

For those preferring to correspond via letter, the mailing particulars are as follows:

The National Lottery

Belliard Street 25-33

1040 Brussels

Instructions for participating in EUROMILLIONS

To take part in EuroMillions, you have a choice of two options:

  • Virtually: For online play, it’s essential to have a gaming account. Lacking one? It’s possible to create an account right here. Necessary details include your identification card number, full name, date of birth, residence address, Belgian national registry identification, and Belgian bank information. To begin, navigate to this webpage.
  • In person at a physical outlet: No requirement for a National Lottery account; you can simply complete a bet slip or ask the merchant for a quick pick. To discover a retail location, click here.

Identifying your EUROMILLIONS payouts

Eager to find out if you’ve struck gold with EuroMillions?

An automatic notification, be it via email or a text message, will be dispatched to you if you happen to triumph in EuroMillions and you played via the internet.

On the other hand, you can verify your prize money online or at any physical sales point.

Submitting a complaint to the National Lottery

Intend to voice a grievance after participating in EuroMillions online?

The National Lottery is committed to reconciling complaints peacefully, which can be relayed through electronic mail or traditional mail.

Customer care at the National Lottery will propose mitigation and outline their response within a span of five working days.

Are you dissatisfied with how the National Lottery handled your complaint?

You may elevate your concern to:

Or alternatively to:

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