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Founded in 2019 by David, a craftsman with a profound passion for creating by hand and small leather goods, ATELIER DECOSTER came into being.

This establishment, ATELIER DECOSTER, specializes in supplying meticulously handcrafted fine leather products.

At ATELIER DECOSTER, customers can acquire items such as wallets, straps for watches, holders for keys, among other products.

Every piece by ATELIER DECOSTER is meticulously crafted, combining leathers from various exotic and traditional sources like alligator, crocodile, ostrich, Javanese lizard, python, stingray, along with classic Buttero cowhide, Baranil calf, grained Epsom leather, goat, salmon… bonded with linen thread.

Examine here the array of artisanal goods available for purchase from ATELIER DECOSTER.

  • Completing a transaction at ATELIER DECOSTER
  • Sending back an item to ATELIER DECOSTER
  • Initiating contact with ATELIER DECOSTER’s support team

Methods to Contact ATELIER DECOSTER’s Support Team

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Handle
  • Electronic Mail
  • Online Inquiry Form
  • Physical Correspondence
  • Web Chat Feature

For inquiries about bespoke pieces, information on order processing times, or shipping options…

Contacting ATELIER DECOSTER is possible via digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, by submitting through a submission form, or by forwarding an electronic letter.

If you prefer sending a letter, here is the address:

Atelier Decoster

Chemin Berquet 50

B-7864 Deux Acren

Process of Purchasing from ATELIER DECOSTER

Aiming for a bespoke piece from ATELIER DECOSTER?

For ordering a custom-crafted item, you’re invited to browse the ATELIER DECOSTER website. Navigate to the specific section for the product you desire, select your preferred version and material.

Une fois les caractéristiques précisées, vous devrez remplir le formulaire de contact situé en bas de la page du produit.

Chez ATELIER DECOSTER, vous avez aussi la possibilité d’obtenir une carte cadeau sur mesure, valable pour une période de douze mois.

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