Comment joindre le service client de la chaîne LN24 ?

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The television network LN24, also known as Les News 24, is a round-the-clock news channel in French-speaking Belgium.

The network falls under the IPM Group umbrella and began its broadcast on the 2nd of September, 2019, primarily through cable services.

From 6:30 AM to 11 PM, LN24 broadcasts an impressive total of 16 news bulletins.

Recently, in February 2020, LN24 aired the Dutch presidential debate with French subtitles, marking a first for a French-language channel in Belgium.

  • How to watch LN24 television network?
  • How to reach LN24 customer support?

How to Reach LN24’s Customer Support?

  • Phone
  • Regular Mail
  • Email

If you’re looking to request information, report a technical issue, make a suggestion, or respond to a program…

LN24’s customer service can be accessed via an email or by calling:

02 319 38 00

Do you need to send a letter? The postal address for LN24 is:


79 rue des Francs

1040 Brussels


How to Access LN24 Content?

Interested in viewing a program on LN24?

There are several options available for your viewing pleasure:

  • If you’re looking to catch up on a favorite show or one you may have missed, you can view the replay through this link.
  • To watch LN24 live on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can visit here.
  • Sur votre écran TV, vous aurez l’opportunité de regarder LN24 via :

Fibre optique

  • Voo chaîne référence 16
  • Orange canal 90
  • Télénet canal 16 en Wallonie et Bruxelles, canal 140 en Flandre


  • Proximus TV canal 18 en Wallonie et Bruxelles, canal 268 en Flandre et canal 42 à Bruxelles (en langue néerlandaise).
  • Scarlet canal 24
  • Tadaam TV canal 20

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