Comment contacter la station LN RADIO (Anciennement DH RADIO) ?

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DH Radio, a Belgian private radio broadcaster belonging to the IPM group, was originally established in 2014 as Twizz Radio. The outlet underwent a rebranding later that same year to become DH Radio.

Commencing its broadcast on January 20, 2014, the station initially featured a broad music selection and news segments.

In 2015, the station rebranded as DH Radio following a decision by the IPM group. It then shifted its focus to a blend of music and news, offering hourly news updates.

During 2022, DH Radio was rechristened LN Radio, embracing a refreshed visual identity and redefined approach. The station’s music selection comprised more vibrant and upbeat tracks.

LN Radio’s schedule is packed with a variety of genres including pop, rock, electronic, and urban tunes. Apart from providing hourly news, the station also airs current events and societal issues.

As a comprehensive radio outlet, LN Radio has garnered a widespread listenership. Its FM broadcast reaches across the French-speaking regions of Belgium, making it one of the top French-speaking stations in the country.

  • How to get in touch with LN RADIO?
  • How can one listen to LN RADIO?

How to make contact with LN RADIO?

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Phone

If you’re looking to reach LN RADIO for details regarding the broadcaster, programming, to provide feedback on a show, or to make recommendations…

To establish contact with LN RADIO, you should reach out to IPM:


Rue des Francs 79,

1040 Brussels

How to tune into LN RADIO?

Interested in listening to LN RADIO?RADIO ? Vous aurez la faculté de syntoniser la chaîne :

  • Par l’appli pour appareil mobile et tablette Android
  • Sur votre récépteur radio aux fréquences suivantes :
  • Arlon 101 Fm
    • Bruxelles 101,4 Fm
      • Charleroi 101,4 Fm
        • Condroz 106.4 Fm
        • Dinant 107,2 Fm
        • Perwez 90,1 Fm
        • Hesbaye 97,4 Fm
        • Huy 105,6 Fm
        • Jodoigne 107,9 Fm
        • La Louvière 95,6 Fm
        • Libramont 105,5 Fm
        • Liège 103,2 Fm
        • Mons 107,2 Marche 105,5 Fm
        • Namur 99,7 Fm
        • Nivelles 107,1 Fm
        • Spa 107,9 Fm
        • Tournai 106,5 Fm
        • Verviers 107,6 Fm
        • Waterloo 106,9 Fm
        • Wavre 95,4 Fm

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