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Initiated in Belgium during the year 2002 with their maiden storefront set up in Charleroi, LEADER PRICE embarked on a mission to supply products of commendable caliber at attractive price points, thus serving customers in search of economical choices.

Over subsequent years, LEADER PRICE broadened its scope within Belgium, launching additional stores in diverse municipalities. As the landscape stands in 2023, a multitude of LEADER PRICE establishments are operational throughout Wallonia.

LEADER PRICE rapidly acquired popularity in Belgium, truly resonating with clientele possessing modest financial means. The establishment was honored with the designation of « Belgium’s Most Economical Brand » during 2021 and 2022 in succession.

  • Methods for engaging with LEADER PRICE support staff?
  • Procedures for making acquisitions at LEADER PRICE?
  • Techniques for uncovering ongoing bargains at LEADER PRICE?
  • Guidelines for registering a protest against LEADER PRICE?

Methods for contacting LEADER PRICE assistance?

  • Mail Correspondence
  • Telephonic Conversation

Should there be a necessity to gather details on store operational hours, up-to-the-minute promotions, availability of products, or to address other questions, and to establish a line of communication with LEADER PRICE’s support service:

Consider connecting with the support team via telephone at:

00 33 800 35 00 00

Alternatively, direct your correspondence to the support staff through the postal system at this domicile:

Leader Price

Client Support Division

Road of Philippeville 219

6010 Couillet

Process of purchasing at LEADER PRICE?

Aspiring to procure items from LEADER PRICE?

For this purpose, step into any LEADER PRICE outlet that you prefer.

Access the listing of stores here.

Ways to get informed about LEADER PRICE’s promotional offers?

To acquaint oneself with current discounts at LEADER PRICE prior to visiting, what steps should you take?

To keep abreast of promotional deals, you may subscribe to the newsletter or browse through the promotional brochure here.

What is the mechanism for lodging a complaint with LEADER PRICE?

Should an issue arise post-purchase at a LEADER PRICE establishment prompting a grievance, what are the next steps?

Your concern must be presented to the LEADER PRICE customer care officials through written postal communication.

If your issue concerns a specific product? Including its barcode, the packer’s code (EMB, N° or FR…CE), the batch number, the expiry date, the name of the store where the purchase was made, and your full contact details is essential.

An associate from the customer care department will get in touch with you swiftly.

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