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Established in 2015, BXFM is a Brussels-based radio station that broadcasts on frequency 104.3, and is operated by the BXFM ASBL organization.

Targeting a broad audience, BXFM is especially famed for its carefree and quirky style.

The mission of BXFM ASBL is to enhance the Brussels life and culture.

BXFM broadcasts a diverse array of news programs, cultural segments, music shows, and comedy, inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit in its listeners.

  • How can one get in touch with BXFM customer support?
  • What are the key programs broadcasted by BXFM?
  • How to listen to the BXFM radio channel?

Engaging with BXFM Customer Support

  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Email

Are you looking to reach out to the radio station BXFM for inquiries about shows, feedback on a particular segment, suggestions/claims, or other requests?

Contact BXFM via email or by telephone at:

04 75 66 64 42

To dispatch a letter to BXFM, the mailing address is:


Avenue Brugmann 345

Box 14

1180 Uccle

Prime Shows of BXFM

Below are some of the standout shows featured on BXFM:

  • The Entrepreneurial Flavour: A morning show dedicated to entrepreneurship.
  • BXFM Weekend: A program focused on lifestyle and culture.
  • BXFM Evening: A nightly show centered on urban culture and music.
  • BXFM’s Stroll: A weekly show devoted to exploringde la cité.

Méthodes pour écouter le réseau radiophonique BXFM

Vous avez l’option d’écouter la station radiophonique BXFM :

  • Via ondes radio à la fréquence 104.3
  • Sur Internet
  • Sur DAB + dans un futur proche
  • À travers les plateformes sociales :

Se tenir informé via les canaux sociaux BXFM

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