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DIGITECH is an American audio equipment company, which was established by David W Gage in 1984.

One of the early offerings from DIGITECH was the Whammy pedal, which made it possible to pitch-shift sounds by an octave.

The Whammy pedal garnered commercial success and helped DIGITECH build its recognition among guitar players globally.

Over the years, DIGITECH has expanded its product line to include a wide array of guitar effects pedals, as well as preamps and modulators.

Additionally, DIGITECH has designed products for other musical instruments, like keyboards, drums, and vocals.

In 2001, DIGITECH was acquired by Harman International Industries, an American conglomerate in audio equipment. Harman has since propelled DIGITECH’s growth and incorporated new items into its portfolio.

Currently, DIGITECH stands as a prominent brand in the guitar effects pedals market.

Here are some of the most renowned products by DIGITECH:

  • Whammy
  • DigiDelay
  • DigiVerb
  • DigiTech RP90
  • DigiTech RP100
  • DigiTech RP200
  • DigiTech X-Series
  • DigiTech Trio
  • DigiTech JamMan

DIGITECH is a significant figure in the audio equipment industry. Its innovations have been embraced by musicians across various genres, from novices to experts. The company continues to innovate and produce new items enabling musicians to generate distinctive sounds.

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How to Contact DIGITECH Customer Support?

  • Contact Form
  • Mail

If you are aiming to get in touch with DIGITECH’s customer service for inquiries about the company’s products, registration or warranty issues, to request a user manual for a device, or to download a software of a product…

L’équipe d’assistance de DIGITECH peut être contactée par l’intermédiaire d’un formulaire en ligne.

Pour adresser une correspondance à DIGITECH, veuillez utiliser l’adresse suivante :


59 Hwagok-ro,

61Gil Gangseo-gu

07590 Séoul

Procédure d’achat d’un produit DIGITECH

Intéressé par l’acquisition d’un des articles proposés par DIGITECH, tels que la pédale Whammy, une machine à rythmes, un compresseur, un filtre, ou un générateur de basses ?

Les articles proposés par DIGITECH ne sont accessibles que par l’intermédiaire de distributeurs certifiés. Une liste des distributeurs est disponible pour consultation ici.

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