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Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, Scuderia Ferrari was initially established to support Italian racers. In 1947, the emergence of Ferrari S.p.A. marked the beginning of producing uniquely branded sports vehicles, unveiling the 125 S as its inaugural model. Since 1965, the moniker FERRARI has solidified its foothold in Belgium.

FERRARI’s fame soared rapidly with numerous racing triumphs. In 1952, the company clinched its first World Championship in Formula 1 with driver Alberto Ascari, ascending as one of the most celebrated teams in the racing sphere.

Today, Ferrari commands international recognition and continues fabricating an extensive range of sports vehicles. Within Belgium, the establishment traces back to 1965, comprised of two official representatives, Francorchamps Motors Brussels S.A. and F.M.A. NV.

  • Which steps should you follow to connect with FERRARI’s customer service team?
  • How can one perform a purchase at FERRARI?
  • What is the procedure for returning an item acquired via the FERRARISTORE?

Which Steps Should You Follow to Connect With FERRARI’s Customer Service Team?

  • Online Form
  • Email Correspondence
  • Telephone Line
  • Mail

For enlightenment regarding automobiles, financing options, after-sales support, or additional components for your vehicle, you may reach out to FERRARI’s customer support via email at e-mail or call the number: 

+32 10 23 38 00

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

FERRARI’s customer care can also be accessed through an online form. To access it, follow this link and detail the purpose of your query.

If you prefer to personally visit the official FERRARI retailer or send them mail, the following address should be noted:

Francorchamps Motors Brussels S.A.

Chaussée de Namur 250

1300 WAVRE

Should you aspire to interact with the client support group of the FERRARI boutique regarding queries on garment acquisitions or supplementary items, you are encouraged to fill out thisinquiry form or make a telephone call to: 

+39 02 947 528 74

Active from Monday through Friday, 9 AM till 9 PM.

Guidelines for purchasing a FERRARI?

Want to acquire a FERRARI automobile ?

FERRARI’s range of automobiles is available only through exclusive dealerships. In Belgium, the authorized FERRARI dealer is located at this address in Wavre:

Francorchamps Motors Brussels S.A

Chaussée de Namur 250

1300 WAVRE

Before paying a visit to the dealership, you may want to navigate the official site to review the latest and certified pre-owned models. Additionally, you can investigate the technical specifications and various custom options for the vehicle.

Procedure to return an item bought from the FERRARI STORE?

Have you purchased merchandise like apparel or accessories (such as writing instruments, eyewear, handbags, etc.) from the online FERRARI STORE? And do you desire to proceed with a return?

You are allowed to send back goods within a 15-day timeframe after your order has been delivered.

To begin your return process, it is necessary to contact FERRARI customer support by completing the online return form.

When your return is registered, remember to encase your product well, maintaining its pristine condition. You are advised to get in touch with UPS for scheduling the retrieval of your parcel.

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