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GILLET AUTOMOBILES is a car-making enterprise established by Tony Gillet, a motor racing enthusiast and entrepreneur impassioned by mechanical innovation.

In 1978, he embarked on his automotive racing career, clinching several wins during the 1980s era.

In 1982, he started the distribution of the Dutch marque Donkervoort within Belgium, and in 1991, decided to create his own make.

For the creation of his marque, he collaborated with Charles Van den Bosch, an automotive designer, and they crafted the Vertigo. This agile and featherweight sportscar was presented for the first time at the Brussels Motor Show in 1992.

The Vertigo was manufactured starting from 1995.

In the year of 1996, the Vertigo established a global record for its acceleration capabilities among serially produced automobiles by clocking a 0 to 100 km/h time of merely 3.266 seconds.

Subsequently, in 2000, Gillet Automobiles launched the Vertigo .5, a more powerful model complete with a 4.2-liter V8 Maserati engine delivering 420 horsepower.

In 2011, the production of the Vertigo was ceased by Tony Gillet, and development began on the Vertigo 6, which ultimately did not come to fruition, with the venture being concluded in 2015.

A mere 28 examples of the Vertigo were manufactured.

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  • Enquiry Form
  • E-mail
  • Telephonic Communication
  • Telefacsimile
  • Snail Mail

Intending to communicate with GILLET AUTOMOBILES for generic info, technical support, component specifics, or other queries?

Make contact with GILLET AUTOMOBILES utilizing communication form, through electronic mail, or by phone at:

+32 81 568 444

Alternatively, correspondence to GILLET AUTOMOBILES can be transmitted through Facsimile at:

+32 81 586 746

For written communication through postal services, utilize the following address:

Gillet Automobiles SA, Parc Créalys

Rue Saucin 84,

5032 Gembloux

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